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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Best Meal Ever

I kid you not. And I have had some amazing meals. I mean, look at the cooks in my family...especially the one to whom I am married! Bit the one I had last night tips them all. Of course, the fact that I am with my favorite guy, in the amazing city of Chicago during spring break could help serve my senses. But I don't think so.

The foodie I am traveling with (aka favorite guy/hubbie) has all kinds of eateries planned out. It is fun. I just ask where we are eating next, and off we go. It has been a blast.

My oldest asked for a Rick Bayless cookbook for Christmas last year, and so his restaurant was added to our list. Well, actually all 3 of them were added. They are all right next to each other. We went to the Frontera Grill, which is his mid-priced option. We weren't dressed for the fanciest one. And boy am I glad!

So, what did I eat??

Pollo al Cascabel: Adobo-marinated Gunthorp chicken breast, cascabel-hazelnut sauce (cascabels, hazelnuts, white wine). White onion rajas, corn tortitas (queso anejo), ruby streak salad with citrus vinaigrette.

Oh baby!

After my first bite I couldn't wait to load a bit for my sweet man. His reaction was a reflection of my experience. The eyes close, the chewing slows and a gentle deep breath, in and out.

There may have been tears.

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